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My story


My name is Jess and I'm a mother of two beautiful kids living in a small town in the Netherlands. Dommelen to be exact. In my daily life I work as a cook at a lunch restaurant. I love to watch crime documentaries, Big Brother and Survivor in my spare time. 

Alakai started in july 2020. During the first lockdown in the Netherlands while searching for crafting supplies for my daughter I discovered this clay that hardens when baked. Polymer clay. I knew nothing about it. I soon discovered my new passion. Making jewelry. Rediscovered I must say. When I was a teenager I used to sell earrings made of beads. I've always been creative soul. 4 months later I decided to sell my creations online. Alakai was born on July 1st 2020. A small online shop with exclusive statement pieces that I make at home. Thank you for supporting my creative journey.